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What is an Influencer?

Dictionary definition; a person or thing that influences another.

In other words, if you have influenced one person in your life, YOU are an influencer.

 Influencing one person makes a bigger impact on the world than you realize.

Consider this.

Zig Ziglar, a world-renowned speaker who has impacted upwards of more than 100 million people credits his manager from 1949, "P. C. Merrell, a divisional
supervisor at WearEver for changing him altogether by believing in him and giving him advice." Ultimately P.C. had influenced one person and that person influenced the whole world. 

In 1998, early in my career I was given a Zig Ziglar VHS training video. That video single handily changed my life. His work was the catalyst for my personal mission statement to motivate, inspire, educate, entertain, and donate. I have since impacted millions of lives.

Who is your P.C. Merrell?

         Sales Manager

∙         Mother or Father

∙         Teacher

∙         Coach

∙         Next door neighbor


Ask yourself this.......

Who have you influenced/ impacted in the last year?

Imagine having access to The Influencer Vault...

Corey Poirier, the curator of The Influencer Vault, has dissected the minds of thousands of thought leaders, so you do not have to. The Vault is the place to go to up level your influence and expand your personal development...

Hear the insights, strategies, methods, practices, and wisdom of the world’s top influencers…

Imagine if you joined the Influencer Vault today and enjoyed similar results to some of our students.

This is what your life ‘could’ look like:

In the past 12 months…

  • 108 students became International Bestselling Authors 
  • 100+ people have secured and appeared on branded stages 
  • 50+ students have landed podcast interviews (many on shows with large audiences)
  • Our students have shared the bill with some of the world's most famous and well-known speakers, including Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Kevin Harrington, Olympian Heather Moyse, Bob Burg, Evan Carmichael, Mark Victor and Crystal Hansen, Anthony Trucks, Tom Ziglar, Heather Monahan and many others
  • 50+ students have become regular columnists for print magazines
  • A Student landed a Goalcast talk that has been viewed almost 10 million times 
  • A student every 3 weeks landed their TEDx Talk
  • Students have launched highly successful podcasts

Through the monthly training, Influencer interviews, Vault originals, and classic content, The Influencer Vault will demonstrate how our students have achieved these results, provide training designed to help you enjoy similar successes, and allow you to learn from the absolute best of the best across various industries.

Our why is to help individuals to share their message with the world. That is why we are so humbled that many in our community have given us the opportunity to be their teacher.

Our students have been seen on or featured in... 

NOW, your time is precious, let us get to it.

What is in the Vault?

Think of it like the Netflix of Personal Development for Influencers (whether you want to influence one or many)

Here is where it is different…

Not only do we have the classic content (i.e. Corey interviewing the likes of Lisa Nichols and Les Brown and then dissecting how you can use what they share about Creating Influence, Podcasting, Writing, Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Self-Care and more), The Influencer Vault also includes…

  • Upwords of twice a week LIVE interviews with Influencers in which you can ask YOUR questions and get real time answers
  • Vault Original Features (almost like Netflix originals) by some of the world’s top thought leaders
  • Guided meditation videos (under the Self-care category)
  • Specific categories where you can access the classic content
  • Weekly uploads of classic content from Corey’s personal vault
  • Access to ongoing business opportunities / leads
  • Access to original monthly training by Corey Poirier, a Multiple-Time TEDx Speaker and Sought after speaker / author in the areas of Speaking, Podcasting, Writing, Influence and more
  • Ability to submit your Vault related questions to our team
  • Access to bLU Talks Features (Corey is the founder of the new bLU Talks Brand)
  • Access to Influencer Vault community
  • The Influencer Vault private Facebook group
Are you ready for the combination to The Vault? ($444 yearly)
Are you ready for the combination to The Vault? ($44 monthly)

Corey, often called the modern-day Napoleon Hill, has interviewed over 6500 of the world’s top influencers. He created the Influencer Vault to give you one place to learn and grow from the Vault featured influencers. Imagine who's in the Vault and who may show up.

Bob Proctor

Jack Canfield

Lisa Nichols

John Gray

James Redfield

Les Brown

David Wolfe

Bif Naked

Shaw Rowbottom

Kevin Harrington

Anthony Trucks

Mike Dooley

NOW, I know what you’re possibly thinking at this point. 

  • I am too busy… this is exactly why we designed this to be the only place you NEED to visit to get your personal development fix each week.
  • Why should I invest? We would like to ask you, what are you currently investing in your personal development? Is it giving you exactly what you are looking for? The Vault is one investment you cannot afford not to make. Imagine if, in less than a year, you achieve just a fraction of what some of our students have achieved. From being featured on NBC, The Popular Entrepreneurs on Fire, a TEDx or bLU Talks stage Or learning the secrets of how to access some of the world’s top thought leaders. What would that be worth to you?
  • I am not sure if this is for me … That is exactly why we have created the 7 day $1.00 trial. You can see all The Influencer Vault has to offer to determine if it is right for you.

“Corey goes above and beyond to deliver maximum value to his clients! Not only have I acquired several paid speaking gigs and spoken at Harvard but I have had the privilege of sharing my stories to create impact and ignite change in others. My credibility on and off stage has increased significantly and I am so grateful and honoured to know Corey and call him my friend.”

DeeAnne Riendeau. Founder, Your Holistic Earth

"I have paid money for things (in the past) and got less than nothing in return - just a waste of my time, but I have just gotten so much from you in just the first couple of weeks of this program, OMG!"

 Kendra KincadeAir traffic controller at Nav Canada, bLU Talks Speaker

"Corey is one of those rare individuals who over delivers on every service he offers. His program and mentoring has been invaluable and helped me achieve my dream of creating and giving my First TEDx within six months of working with him."

Tasia Valenza, Emmy Winner

"In working with Corey, he has shared with me incredible strategies to help me level up, resulting in me speaking at Harvard, sharing the bill with Jack Canfield and Les Brown and after just 41 episodes of my podcast, Activate Your Soulgasmic Business, it is statistically in the top 10% of most popular podcasts globally! He has also been a huge part of my journey to organically build my business to 30K months.!"

 Rosalyn Fung, Intuitive Mindset and Visionary Business coach


“Last year my goal was to nail a Tedx talk. So, I asked my friends how to do that? One name came up, Corey Poirier. I had no idea who that was. Now I do. Within 6 months Corey had shown me how. I had my Tedx talk. And I’m convinced he can show almost anyone how to do it too.”

Dr. Allen Lycka, TEDx Speaker, bLU Talks Speaker, Bestselling Author (The Secrets to Living a Fantastic Life)

"Thank you Corey Poirier for the guidance yesterday. As a direct result, I'm booked to interview John Lee Dumas for my podcast on Wednesday. He now has over 100 million downloads on his show."

 Victor Menasce, Developer, CEO, Podcast Host, Author, Entrepreneur

Membership can be cancelled at any time but when you sign up for the yearly or monthly options, there are no refunds on the remaining unused portion since the pricing is discounted for the year to reflect the price for choosing the yearly option and the monthly option is also discounted currently - member will still be able to use any remaining portion and can remain an active member until the unused portion expires.